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Doc needs help (that would be me and mine, folks)

I have been advised that it might be a good idea to make this situation public as Herself and I have a chance to make a very bad situation she's in a lot lighter.

This all starts a year ago this past January when we took Orion and Rhea in to the vet to get fixed. 138 bucks, Herself paid with a check and we thought all was well. We find out last October (and no I'm not making this up) that the check in fact had bounced back in January, we were just never told about it (by vet or bank) and it was at that point sitting in the prosecutor's office. Mortified, we of course paid it off straightaway by certified mail as I had been advised to do by a lady working in the prosecutor's office.

Fast forward to two weeks ago Tuesday night. Knock at the door and o hai it's two Columbia police officers come to pick Herself up on a failure to appear! She had no idea she was supposed to appear for this, no summons even though they swear up and down she was served. Which is kind of a trick considering the day they said they served her she was at work in another jurisdiction entirely and thus out of their purview but away she went. I bonded her out straightaway, of course, but she has to appear at an arraignment on Friday. They transferred her from the city to county lockup where she went from being treated very nicely and very professionally to being put in four point restraints like she was some kind of violent criminal. She was so traumatized by all this she's going back into therapy and took nearly a week before she was even able to go back to work.

Thus we come to the point of this post. If I can raise 500 bucks by tomorrow, she won't even have to appear at the arraignment which would be a tremendous relief. So if you've ever enjoyed the music I play on weekends or just feel like helpin' a brother out, a Paypal button is below. I hope I did this right, anyway. I just really want to help Herself out. I really hate to beg, folks, but with this opportunity I can't pass up the chance. Gods bless you all.

Update: 714 and change, folks! Whee! Thank you all so very much!
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