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That post I promised.

EDIT: We've got it! Holy Jesus on a pogo stick, we got it! Mind, if nobody minds I'd kind of like to keep the donation lines open until tomororow morning Just In Case.

The short form is once and for all Herself and I have once and for all learned the lesson never, ever trust automatic withdrawal for rent payments.

The long form is this. Thanks to ACH fscking things up royally between the bank and Jacobs Realty, they and the owner of this building are in between a rock and a hard place on this and while they buy the explanation of what happened, the rent payments can't be accounted for and so we have basically until the close of business on Monday to at least come up with a "good faith" payment on the amount owed orrr we basically get a rerun of what happened in 2008 on Tuesday morning at 9. So yeah, from now on cashier's checks only. Also, once the proof from ACH shows up that the money was paid out and thus should be in the Jacobs account at which point if becomes their problem in total, we get the good faith payment back or can apply it toward future rent. We can probably do this on our own if need be. But it would pretty much cripple us financially for the rest of the month.

So with a major league deadline like this and the possibility of losing pretty much everything I have that keeps me debatably sane looming over my head like a certain sword, I not only need to get that battered old hat out, I need to ask you to boost the signal for me, far and wide. The problem is fixable. I'm just under a severe deadline here and I could use all the help I can get to clear this last hurdle. Thanks in advance and have a good one.

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