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Santo contra Las Momias De Internet

El Enmascarado De Plata
16 March 1966
Right! Who's got a boil on his Semprini, then?

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I Can't Believe I Read The Whole Thing!

Days until Bush leaves office.

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"bob", 5-minute-refresh, a clockwork gerbil, absurd notions, addams family, alan titchmarsh, ancient mesopotamian goat rituals, anti-bush, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anybody but bush again, are you being served, asian food, asterix, astrology, batty's ass, batty's cervix, beer, bela lugosi, bob kevoian, bourbon, brandon lee, british cooking, caitlin plush, callahan's crosstime saloon, cannibal the musical, casebook.org, charles schulz, charlie dimmock, chick mcgee, chris the ninja pirate, clan of xymox, clara bow, coffee, cooking, dario argento, dead ringers, die kranken katzchen, diekk, doctor who, dr. gene scott, dschinghis khan, ed wood, el santo, film restoration, food network, gaming guardians, geeps, godzilla, goon show, goth, gothbabes, gothic horror, gothic_curves, grace and favour, graveyards, ground force, hairy lee, iron chef, j-rock, jack the ripper, jameson irish whiskey, kiss, kiss tribute bands, kitten natividad, klingons, knobs, kristi lee, lai, le mouton d`mort, leather apron, liberal politics, london after midnight, lucha libre, lucio fulci, marilyn monroe, marx brothers, midnightmares, misfits, monty python, naked kissing, narbonic, niles the wargeep, noonerschaft, old soul music, opencore, original punk, pat carlini, patsy cline, peanuts, peegs, perkigoth, phantom of the paradise, polyamory, pop tarts, pre-code films, radio nosferatu, red dwarf, red green, redjenn's tits, rhps, ripperology, ruining futurepop for everyone, saucy jacky, scotch, sex, shadow reichenstein, silent film restoration, silent films, silent movies, so graham norton, song gets heavier, spinal tap, star trek, star wars, stephy pesticide, suburban jungle, tea, the dresden dolls, tiger mask, titfucking, titties and beer, tokusatsu, tom baker scarf bondage, tom griswold, tommy walsh, tribute bands, type o negative, ultraman, v graham norton, vampires, vodka, weebl, weebl and bob, whiskey, whitechapel, will shanahan, you are afraid, zippy the pinhead, zorro